Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lake Geneva

This past weekend we went to Lake Geneva with my dad and step mom and sister. It was a nice relaxing trip. We took a boat tour, read, ate and relaxed. It was really nice. I meant to post some pictures, but since I left our camera at home, I have none to post!!! Other than that, not too much is new. Bean moves at some point every day and I look so forward to that each time. It is definately the best part of the pregnancy. It is just beyond words how cool it is to feel the baby moving. On our way home from Lake Geneva on Sunday we stopped at Babies R Us to begin the process of picking out a crib. We were totally overwhelmed. There are so many! We decided to think some more about it and revisit that topic another day. The most exciting part of that trip was that we found a stroller that has an adjustable handle that is super high! Finally, they make something that will fit me! I was really worried about the fact that all of the strollers are too low for me, but this one is perfect. It took all the decision making out of it, there is only one that does it and it is in one color. Decision made! Next week we have our ultrasound, we can't wait to see the little one!!!

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tammy enea said...

jill and mike,

i cannot believe that your about the embark on the second half our your pregnancy. it goes so quickly, doesn't it? we are all so happy to hear that you are feeling better and truly enjoying what this pregnancy is about. so, that little bean finally kicked! how cool is that? wait until you can see the body moving...you'll see the bend of the knee or an elbow sticking out (totally freaky) like a perfect circle on your tummy and just be amazed that this little organism grew to be what it is today and what it will become in just a few more months. thanks for the updates, i love reading them and cannot wait to meet the little bean and see the smile on both of your faces as parents! sleep, eat well and laugh. all our love, the enea family