Monday, August 11, 2008

Goodbye old friend

Many of you know we have been looking for a new home for our beloved cat, Powder. We loved her very much, but our home just wasn't the right place for her anymore. Our other cat dizzy and she just didn't mix and after working with the vet FOREVER trying to help Powder, the vet told us, our house was just too stressful for her and that we should try to find her a new home.

We just got home from dropping her off at her new home and it was very bittersweet. The good thing is it is a friend of Jill's so we will be able to keep up to date on how she is doing and visit her from time to time. While we know that it is definitely the best thing for her, it will be quite weird not having her around for a little while. Even though we explained to Hadley that Powder was going to her new home and isn't going to live with us, the first thing she did when we got home was look for Powder. Of course in her little world Powder will be forgotten much sooner than by her mom and dad. While she caused us much stress, we loved her and we didn't realize how sad we would be to see her go!

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