Monday, July 31, 2006

Our bean is lucky

So, I found these pictures today when I was looking through our camera at old pictures. They are pictures of Mike with our friends, Eric and Anna's, son Gabe. We went camping with them in June. How lucky is our baby to have Mike as a daddy, when you look at these pictures you can just see how good he is going to be.


Anna Brown said...

Love these pictures. Let's be honest. Mike is a big kid at heart, just like Josh. And you will be just as wonderful a mother. I think Mike and Bean are going to gang up on you, though!

Love you guys.

Oh, and FYI, Josh and Tad and Kimberly and I decided tonight that we're going to start a birth announcement business. Interested?

Anna Brown said...

Oh, and nice hat, Mikey. I've heard (quite a few times) that it fits in your pocket. I've even seen you change shorts so that you can wear that hat. I love it.