Monday, July 24, 2006

Week 10

We can't believe that we are almost done with the 3rd month of pregnancy. This move towards the second trimester is being met happily by myself as I am beginning to finally not feel like I am going to die everyday all day long from sickness! (: I have started to feel exceptionally better, not perfect, but the change is amazing! Just the ability to eat a little healthier, not have to eat every single hour and to not have to spend all of my precious free time on the couch or in bed feeling sick is wonderful. I am still having an aversion to chicken most days, but I have been able to stomach it a few times! We continue to attempt to think of a boys name that we both agree on, but the girls name is set. Neither name will be shared with anyone, just to add to the surprise! Other than that, not much is new in Bean's world. Outside of becoming a little person each and every day that is!


Tracy said...

Hi Jill! Hi Mike! Congratulations on your journey to parenthood! We are happy to hear that you're feeling better Jilly Bean and hope that things improve with each passing day! Lots of Love from NC, Tracy and Jeff Boden

Anna Brown said...

Yay for feeling better! We miss you tons.