Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So, I am going to attempt to write this post without getting political at all. My purpose is for one reason. Last night I got a phone call from my friend Jyl who was so saddened. I didn't realize it, but the Cedarburg soldier that was killed in Iraq on Monday was one of her husband's good friends. They had just spend the 4th of July with him, 10 days before he was being sent to Iraq. He had only been in Iraq for three days and was on his first mission when he was killed. This is the first time this war has hit so close to home. I have always been incredibly saddened in hearing that one of our soldiers had lost his life fighting for us, but I had never really known anyone that had been killed. My mom called me yesterday morning to tell me that this had happened and told me that I had gone to daycare with this soldier long ago. I certainly don't remember him, but it was weird to think that at one point in my life I knew this person who had just died fighting for us. He was his parents only child. My heart hurts for my friends Jyl and Jeff who are grieving the loss of their friend and for everyone else that knew this man. Whether or not we agree with the war, our people are dying everyday so we can live the lives we live. I am going to do my best to never forget that and be thankful to them each and every day for the sacrifices they are making. I just hope they can all come home soon and safely.

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DonGalaxy said...

I, too, heard about the death of Steve Castner today. His mother, Kay, was my geometry teacher freshman year. She would always talk about him... usually with pride. I knew him slightly, I don't remember how, but I remember him. I'm so sickened and saddened by violence and death. War is inevitable, I know. But does that make it right?