Sunday, October 01, 2006

20 Weeks

The halfway mark! We can't believe it, here we are, halfway to the baby being born. I still feel like a complete idiot taking these side view pictures, but I think our child will someday appreciate them and maybe even I will after the baby is born! Not much is new since the post about the ultrasound, we look at the pictures a couple times a day and are still shocked that that little person is in my stomach! The baby is moving lots and that is still my favorite part. We started to look at bedding for the crib and found a couple that we like. We are going to bring a paint sample to put next to them and see what works best. Mike is painting the baby's room today and that is very exciting. Other than that, it's the same ole same ole!


Kristen said...

awww i'm so excited for you guys! what color are ya'll painting the baby's room?

The Schwenzen's said...

Hey Kristen, we are actually painting the room a soft green color. I'll post a picture on the blog for sure of the room when it is done! Good to hear from you!!!