Wednesday, October 18, 2006


So Mike and I both had some time off of work yesterday and decided to dedicate most of that time to accomplishing some baby tasks. Our first stop was to Target to finish the registry that I had gotten us started on. I thought that we would be there about 45 minutes picking out things such as pack and plays and exersaucers, but was I mistaken. It seems as though Mike has a lot of interest in making sure that each and every item is perfect for our first child. It was very cute to see him look intensely into each item to make sure that it made the most sense to register for. He wanted to make sure that our child would benefit developmentally and educationally from anything that it could. So, after a couple hours of debating which high chair would be best or which playmat has the most bells and whistles, we finished our registry. The next stop was USA Baby to register for our bedding and look at cribs. They were having a sale so we wanted to see if we could find anything to our liking. I was secretly praying we would come home with one so I could check another thing off of my list of things to purchase prior to the baby's arrival. So, we start off by registering for the bedding and again I am surprised to see how much Mike has invested in this process. He decides that he can't simply live without the mobile for the bedding set, because "it's just so cute Jill!" It was simply adorable. Anyway, then we were on to the crib selection. Luckily we were both pretty much on the same page and had it narrowed down to two pretty quickly. After several laps back and forth between the two of them, we picked one. We bought it and brought it home and we love it. We are so excited. I am especially excited because I am just so happy to have accomplished so much!!!


Anna Brown said...

I love it when Mike does that thing with his eyes and voice. "But I can't live without this cycling jersey, Jill." And, "but I have to have manicotti for breakfast. If not I'll never get to taste it again."

Send us pictures!

The Myers Family said...

We can't wait to see the completed nursery. Can't wait to see Bean in the nursery!