Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Dump

So, yesterday, Saturday, I am trying to get things done around the house. I am all proud of myself because I am going to attempt to go and find the city dump and get rid of the three bags of yard waste that have been sitting in the garage since I cut them down about two or three weeks ago. So there I am, I have found the dump and am rather proud of myself. I get out the bags and realize that I have to open them up and dump them out onto "the pile" of yard waste because you can't just throw the garbage bags on it. So, I tear open the first bag and realize that leaving that stuff tied up in a trash bag in the garage wasn't the best idea. Bean apparently agreed because I immediately started gagging. That is my new pregnancy issue, a terrible gag reflex. So, I am on to bag number two and bean says, enough of this, and there I go, throwing up at the dump in between two other Port Washington residents who are trying to innocently dump their yard waste. How embarrasing! Anyway, I was telling this story to my friend Becky last night and she told me that I must blog it because it was hilarious. Hope you all enjoy!!!


The Myers Family said...

Wow... that doesn't sound like much fun, my dear.
Great story to hang over The Bean's head someday, though!

bob.bohl said...

Yep, it's about now (at least in Jeanie's experience) that the smells will kick in. She's just now (post-Rachel) making it back into the grocery store on a regular basis. That was my task for about 7 years......

Hang in there!